Ares is creating multiplayer AI to advance the way we experience reality.

Things we believe

  • The way we share and consume information today (the feed) is inefficient, distracting, and time-consuming.
  • For the first time, we have AI that can see, understand, and generate information better than humans.
  • This presents an opportunity to create entirely new products for sharing and consuming that are fast, symbiotic, and more powerful for creators.
  • By redesigning better information networks from first principles, we can advance the way we experience reality, together.

Things we're creating

  • A new type of autocomplete tool, coming soon to iOS.
  • An augmented camera, enabled by frontier models that understand and act on photos.
  • A focused, tight-knit, hardworking team that believes in building high-quality, transformative products.
  • A future that actually feels like the future.

If you share this vision, we'd love for you to join us.